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Default Best case scenario looking better

For me after the Steelers loss to Denver most of the teams left I couldn't stand to see win a SB. I wanted the Packers, Patriots, Ravens, 49ers all to go down. Well, now all that's got to happen is the Giants to beat the Pats again and I'll be happy as could be without a Steelers Super Bowl.
Watching both Harbitch's lose today was priceless. John making excuses on the TD that wasn't not being reviewed and Jim with the low 5 hand slap handshake at the end of the game and running away were both par for the course for these 2 classless bums. Couple of whining bitches, the both of them. Here's to hoping Eli takes out Marsha which I think he will. NE is just not that good really. Their D is really suspect. The Ravens just didn't execute well when it mattered. The Giants receivers with a real QB will torch them. I'm thinking more of a shoutout along the lines of 30-24.
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