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Default Re: Ravens choke.......again

I applaud the Raven's ability to choke. They've proven once again that they DON'T have what it takes to win a SB. Which is good news for the steelers. We were right after all.. IMO the Ravens don't have heart. They are selfish, gut less / heartless losers.

Long term we should be more concerned with the Bengals. That young QB of theirs seem pretty good...he has a promising career ahead of him me thinks.

This playoffs was full of HORRIBLE losses. The steelers never should have lost to Denver. The Ravens lose on a shanked FG. SanFran loses on a choke job by their punt returning x 2. IMO the better teams all lost.....first time I can remember 2 teams in the SB that IMO don't deserve to be there. You see 1 team get there by flukes...but 2? GB losing to NY was also a bit of a surprise. strange season.

I'm more hopeful for the steelers then I've been in a long time.... losing Arians was really a wonderful conciliation prize.
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