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Default Re: Rooney wants old Steelers offense

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
exactly - balance for the sake of balance means nothing - but some innovation, creativity and less predictability means quite a lot.

"Old Steelers football" is long dead and in no way do I want that back. Slinging it 40 to 50 times a game doesn't work consistently and especially in the playoffs either. Sure you can beat a really awful defense that way - but you are ripe for the pickin (and your QB a beatin) if you think you can do that against playoff defenses.

Not saying I hate Bruce Arians as a person - but Ben covered up for him quite a bit IMHO and regardless of what anyone thinks or if they agree - that is and will be his legacy.
They were saying old Steeler football is dead when we won a Superbowl with it too. Old Steeler football means always having the ability to pound the rock, and knowing when not to. But the fact of the matter is that the diva won't be here forever, and he needs to shut his mouth and hand the ball off when he's told to, and throw it when he's told to, and make magic when the time comes. Chuck Noll had the testosterone to explain that to Bradshaw by splintering his rear end. Tomlin, not so much.
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