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Default Re: Hey, Steeler fans (and Ratbirds!)

actually its the patriots number that is up. they know they didnt win yesterday. brady was already on the sidelines crying from the loss, until lee evans dropped the game winner. everybody knows this and patfans who keep trying to deny it are only kidding themselves.

the giants have the patriots number. infact they own them. the only way the patriots can get up for a game vs them is if a perfect season is on the line. thats not the case this year. eli knows there is nothing they can do to stop him.

he has already outdueled the best qb in the league (sorry pattycakes, rogers>brady) and he has slayed the defensive juggernaut dragon in beating the 49ers.

your hearts still bleed from the david tyree catch, and that wound will be open even wider than before.

and quit crying about tom brady being tackled. he needs to remember that he is a woman before he tries such a wreckless and idiodic move as on that TD dive. for a second there i thought he landed on his head and broke his neck while shattering his spine as ray lewis jack knifed him backwards.

for a second there i smiled with "concern".

he shouldnt do that to us fans. ray lewis is soft. james harrison wouldve appeased the commish with a legal non dirty hit and ensured tom brady never walked again.

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