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Default Re: Rooney wants old Steelers offense

Why not? The "New" Offense wasn't working. Extremely Pass-Heavy but the run game suffered and schizophrenic offensive production

By "Old" Offense I don't think Rooney necessarily means "3 Yards and a cloud of dust". He wants an balanced Offense with restrained passing (Not heaving up Deep Balls every single drive), better routes (No bubble screens, more slants), and more consistent emphasis on an effective run game (With a Fullback).

I think he means the Offense as what it was in 2004/2005. Didn't get big plays, but scored TD's more often, moved the ball more effectively, was more consistent, and didn't stall in the Red Zone.

Ben's Gutsy Heroics and a legendary Steelers Defense won Super Bowl XLIII, our Offense was pathetic all that year and Short yardage was a joke. It was even worse in 2009.

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