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Default Re: The BEST part of the Rats loss...

Originally Posted by Nevermore View Post
That's right. Don't give him too much credit. He led his team to a sweep if the AFCN, beating the Squeelers twice... Once an embarrassing beat down and the second a two minute drill in your house against your fans and defense. Then he didn't choke away his first postseason game like some other team we know. Beat the Texans and ran another two minute drill in the AFC championship game on the road finishing it off with a strike to lee Evans and leaving his kicker in perfect field goal range.

Yeah, he pretty much sucks. I'd keep going with that.
Wrong. The Steelers beat the Steelers and the Baltimore TEAM beat the Steelers. He didn't do it.
I thought Flacco played a good game yesterday, i've been one of the ones sticking up for him. But i'll take Ben 10 times out of 10...anytime..anyday.
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