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Default Re: The BEST part of the Rats loss...

Ravens had the Super Bowl on a silver platter.. and they blew it, again. let's run down some of the breaks the Ravens couldn't capitalize on.

this was by far the weakest AFC playoff field in years. the Ravens finally got to host a playoff game and get a bye.. they were about as healthy as can be.. they got to play a 3rd string rookie QB led team... they avoided having to play the Steelers (0-3 postseason record).. No Peyton Manning led Colts to deal with this year... they faced the Patriots when Brady had one of the worst playoff games of his career. not to mention this is probably the weakest Patriots team to make the Super Bowl in the Brady era. most important of all, they only needed 14 yards to reach the Super Bowl and couldn't get it in

throughout the season they had an easy schedule, benefited from favorable calls week after week, beat their nemesis twice, got the #2 seed.... AND STILL could not get to the big game.

that's gotta suck.. hard to imagine all the stars aligning for two straight seasons.
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