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Default Re: The BEST part of the Rats loss...

I agree. The best team in the AFC would not choke (especially twice in one game, in a mere seconds). The Ravens deserved to go to the division championship, no doubt. Why can't they live with that? They lost a close game to a quality team. But nooooooooo the Baltimore mentality perpetuates. The "premiere" local newspaper prints that garbage? The thing is, the fans here believe it. Just because they show up it is their divine right to win. If they don't it is not their own fault. Robbed, stolen, ripped off, etc.

That article is stupid. The funny thing is, I can't imagine any other newspaper on the planet printing that, except that rag the Baltimore Sun. I kid you not, that is the mentality here.

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post

I do not think anyone (certainly me) is posting that the Steelers were the best team in the AFC at the end of the season - my point is that attempting to justify how good the losing team really was is a laughable exercise in denial

But congrats on once again riding your hobby horse about how overrated you think the Steelers defense is into any thread - surprised you did not reply to my post by working in that Arians was shafted on the verge of creating a top tier offense
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