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Default Re: Rooney wants old Steelers offense

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
I don't want to argue about Arians anymore other than to say that although he may not have been the ideal OC for this team, his ideas about opening up the passing game were not wrong.

You're absolutely right that balance is what it's all about.
But to install a running game as the main event when we have a boatload of receiving talent and a QB who loves to throw would be nothing short of ridiculous.
I disagree, a running game is exactly what you instill when you have such a talented core of WR's and a QB who can throw it to them. If you look around the league the only team that has managed to keep a solid O-line AND have talented receivers has been green bay. Every other team it's been a trade-off. SF has a great O-line and ehhh receivers and yet they still were able to make it to the NFCCG off of frank gore and a pass catching TE. Giants, also have a good O-LINE and until recently unknown WR's. No big names (although they certainly are making a name for themselves ala brown and wallace did) Patriots have a great O-line and have 1 WR worth a shit and 2 good TE's. We have a POOR (and I'm being generous) O-line and our bursting with talent at WR. We NEED a running game to open up the passing game. If we can bring a safety in the box consistently to stop the run our WR's get a chance to be man2man which is a WIN all day. Being a passing team opens up all sorts of problems if your QB is being pressured, bad throws, fumbles, sacks, picks, etc... pretty much what we've seen ALL season. Starting last year in the SB. We tried playing GB's game and we didn't have the O-line to do it, they did.

I'd rather the WR's take a hit in numbers and stats as long as their stat sheet at the end of the day has TD's on it. Brown, wallace, and sanders have take it to the house speed. Lets take advantage of it and put them in a system that play action will actually mean something, and they'll be able to get their opportunities to showcase their talents. Makes sense to me
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