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Default Re: Rooney wants old Steelers offense

Originally Posted by 60_MINUTES View Post
For one time I hope rooney doesnt get his way????? I would like to have a little more balance kind of like we had with Whiz here... but make no mistake about it we threw the ball to open up the run the superbowl year 2005--06/// If we take our talent and try to run the ball 25 to 30 times then we will lose and lose our ass..BEN is one of the best QB in the league. I agree we and he should is not the saints but that doesnt mean we should go to all running.. We have a wr core that is unstoppable if used correct.. lets get balance and put some waggles, in the O.. but please oh please do not run run pass... If you run run pass you will kill this team. Let BEN take us where we need to go and have the running game complement the passing game..

At this time we cant run at all.. so add a fullback and some new plays and see what happens... but no matter what do not run run pass
Whiz did exactly what your saying you don't want. He did do that in the playoffs and I think arians tried to incorporate that in his offensive philosophy and that is clearly not working for this team now. You forget in 2005-6 we had a pretty DECENT O-line. For what we have right now, and who we are likely to have next year, running the ball and being more creative like whiz. Running the ball will open up the pass just like it did for whiz. The o-line this year was probably the worst it has been since 2005, my god we had jonathan scott and trai essex starting at one point. Yet, even with the poor o-line we had one of the better years running the ball with an idiot calling the plays. Redman is a viable back for us, mendy was playing his best ball when he got hurt. I for one LOVE seeing them run an entire series and end with a TD without throwing a single pass. We did that a couple times this year. We need to try and replicate that success and be able to spring those talented WR's off play action or bubble screens But seriously, it wasn't a bad playcall a lot of times, just not so gosh darn many!
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