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Default Re: Rooney wants old Steelers offense

Originally Posted by defence View Post
All i can really hope for is runners like the rams steven jackson or frank gore!! Foster from the texans isn't too shabby either!! I really don't belive we have the runner to really scare teams with our running game!! redman looks promising!! To become a team that will put fear we really need a stud as a runner and obviously some help on the oline!! Then watch out!! Ben with a real threat of a running game and all of his weapons!!
So what would you do if we don't get a runner like that? Because players like that are ... um ... rare.

since we can't count on a RB like that - we must learn to win even if we don't have the superstud RB. Look at the current SB teams - Giants and NE - neither have a super stud at RB - but both teams have elite passing games. Giants passed 64 times yesterday - would Art Rooney be ok with that?

I would like the Steelers to continue what they started ... a pass first offense. Ben needs to be a better passer and not take so many sacks by trying to extend the play. He needs to rely on the speed of the WR and if he places the passes accurately - our WRs have the talent to "EXTEND the play."
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