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Default Re: Rooney wants old Steelers offense

Originally Posted by Curtain_of_Steel View Post
With the Rooneys basically pushing the run,, dont be surprised if Wallace signs an offer sheet elsewhere.
Pats could easy blow late 1st round picks on him n a ton of cash.

We fo not have the rbs or oline to be a running team, nor the cash to bring in players.
I've been saying forever that Wallace is gone (although his mid-season swoon might actually keep him here... maybe) but that has nothing to do with what kind of offense we want to run. The Steelers have resigned only two star receivers since Swann and Stallworth. Two.

As far as us not having the running backs nor the offensive line to be a running team... We have one of the best stables of backs in the league, and the O-line isn't built for passing either, yet somehow we did that.

I think most of the posters here have the basic idea: it's not so much the yards that matter as the points. Red zone offense has been despicable, and I swear the goal line plays were purposely sabotaged. Can't say why, but it was ridiculous.

By the way, I agree with Dave Bryan from Steelers Depot that ESPN is making a huge leap in logic in its assumption that Art wants to shift to the running game of decades past. Art wants results, and five years in the bottom half of the league in scoring is not going to cut it with him.
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