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Default Re: Arians says he was forced to retire

He wasn't FORCED to do anything. His contract with the Steelers was for one year. It expired at the end of the season in Denver the second D. Moore crossed the goalline in OT. The Steelers simply have chosen to NOT renew the contract. So, he wasn't FIRED as so many are throwing around, I guess in attempt to generate some sympathy for the village idiot or something.

Now, if he's being forced to retire as a result of this action, it will be because nobody else sees fit to offer him a job elsewhere. Please, people stop trying to make this out to be more than what it is. An employer deceiding to not renew the contract of an employer that they felt was not performing to their standard. It's that simple.

Now, it gets a little more complicated when you start talking about how ARII did so, apparently against Tomlin's wishes and desires. Tomlin may have a great win-loss record in his tenure here, along with SBs, but best believe ARII still calls the shots ultimately, and reserves the right to override the coach if he feels it's necessary. Is it always the right thing to do? No, it isn't. But, in this case, I'd say it was.

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