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Default Re: Arians says he was forced to retire

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
Gee whiz - a disgruntled employee spoke out against the employer that for all intensive purposes "fired" him

I don't even care about this guy anymore to make any more comments after that. Time to move on.

The only thing I have left to say is that Ben better stuff a sock in it - he would have a lot of nerve to open up his mouth about it and damn well better just heed the O-coordinator. You'd think after his shenanigans and basically getting his arse saved from being traded to a no-man's land team (see Palmer @ Raiders, McNabb @ Vikings) he could be a little more humble.

Hopefully Ben realizes he only has about a good solid 5 to 6 seasons left as a Pittsburgh Steeler QB - something many aspiring QBs would die to be and make the most out of his fortunate situation. See Peyton Manning. Everyone in the NFL is expendable - even the great ones.

Ben "stuff a sock in it"? What has HE said so far? Nothing. Most all of the time when OC's are let go, the current QB, even the high profile ones, are not happy about it. Thats not unusual, it happens all the time.

Anyway....this article wasn't a bit of a surprise...i think we all know around here that he ultimately wasn't offered to come back.
I think you'll see him resurface soon as some sort of an Assistant Coach with another team. Regardless of what you all think of him, he still held a high profile position here and we had a very successful record.....he'll land a spot somewhere and also i'm sure that somewhere else will be more than happy to get some more inside info on our game.
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