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Default Re: Rooney wants old Steelers offense

A well prepared, thought out offense as featured in last year's AFC Champ game v. Jets is exactly what this team needs to be.

The healthy combo of Mendy, Redman with a healthy O-line is very capable of going buck wild over the stoutest of defenses. No - that does not mean 3 yards and a cloud of dust - but in the right situations - the running game is in order so that the defense respects it enough to set up some huge plays to the WRs. That offense that day (along with the offense against the Pats this season) looked like a team that could beat anyone, anywhere, on the biggest of stages.

More of that, and this team will steamroll anyone. Go back and watch highlights from that game. THAT Steelers team on THAT day beats the XLVI SB contenders like a bad habit

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