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Default Re: Arians says he was forced to retire

Originally Posted by madtowndrunkard View Post
Not being offered a contract is the same as being fired. It's the ''nice" way to fire someone. Passive...and probably less expensive.

Ben is competitive and he wants to win. He'll be fine with the new OC unless we start losing. Winning cures everything. If we start losing, expect it to get ugly.
He wasn't fired. They should've "fired" two or three years ago. Instead they let his contract run it's course and decided not to renew. Fired is just the buzzword the media is throwing around to generate sexy headlines. I wish he was fired. Somehow I feel cheated that they tried to make it look like he was leaving on his own terms.

When you're fired you receive a severance package, unless it's for something like theft, or some other sorted behavior. You can also collect unemployment compensation, because your expected, steady income has been abruptly halted. An expired contract that doesn't get picked up, allows both parties to walk away with no further compensation or obligation for either side.

If he was stlll under contract and his contract was terminated(fired), the Steelers would owe him the remaining dollar value of his contract. He had no contract. It expired. The Steelers don't owe him anything. They simply decided that his services were not wanted for future use.

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