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Default Re: Rooney wants old Steelers offense

Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
I did not say we had bad games on defense, but I did not see the pass rush like I seen from the teams that played this weekend. Our secondary is be-moaned and crucified yet we give opposing QBs (note:Tebow did not even have to wash his jersey) more than enough time to pick them apart. SF was in Elis face all night and they have a better O-Line than we do, plus a two back system.

Listen you score more points it helps your defense. While our offense did not score in relation to the amount of yardage it generated, it did control Time of Possession which is what you want your offense to do to help rest your defense.. Now it just so happens the defense played its worst game in the playoffs, but we also lost on a drive to Baltimore when Flacco went,what, 80 yards in the last minutes of the game. And I find it funny that we moan and groan about the offense when two years ago when we missed the playoffs the defense gave up the winning score in what 4,5,6 games.

I will agree Ben has to protect the ball, along with the receivers and backs. I would like for you to at least acknowledge the Defenses inability to create turnovers themselves. The offense looked good on paper, yards, TOP, Pro Bowl players. The Defense looked more impressive on paper #1 in most categories. Both failed, one in scoring, the other in producing game changing plays. Steeler fan for 40 years+, Favorite all time Steeler is Lambert, and I could very well be wrong but I think we have bigger issues on defense than offense in the coming seasons. My opinion so feel free to knock it.
Successive three and outs are game changing. LeBeau made the decision to not get torched, and except for one bad game it worked. A few years ago the defense sucked because they gave up too many lucky big plays, now they suck because they did what it takes to stop doing that. The defense's job is to get the other team's offense off the field without points, everything else is gravy. Yes, forcing turnovers is great, but think about that, with the Steelers offense of the last five years unless the defense got points from the turnover, what was the point? All they did was hand the ball to our non-scoring offense, and more often than not our offense wouldn't score.
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