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Default Re: Arians says he was forced to retire

Originally Posted by Whodis View Post
I gave this some thought...

Does anyone else wonder why the guy never adapted or changed? When things weren't working he never deviated from the current offense.

I mean he coached like he didn't have a care in the world. If I thought I was on the hot seat, I would have been trying like hell to fix the red zone offense and get the wheels back on a "short game". It's like a guy in a blue color trade doing half ass work and showing up late for every day and then being pissed he's laid off.

Obviously no other team wanted him, so at what point do you say "ok time to get my shit together". If he could have got the offense more balanced and less predictable I would have been glad to keep him, for Ben's sake.
Same reason why Mike Martz, Gregg Williams and several other coaches continue to have egos so large that hey refuse to change or adapt even though it could cost their teams wins. Arians is no different. I would have fired him soley from those idiotic bubble screens. Even after Suggs snuffed it and other teams pretty much rendered it useless, he continued to call it. Stubborn ass.
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