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Default Re: Hey, Steeler fans (and Ratbirds!)

Originally Posted by NEPatriots View Post
The Patriots didn't cheat. This is something insecure Steelers fans harp on more than anyone, envious of the Patriots success. Jimmy Johnson said taping opposing teams signals is something every team did. Should we strip all of the cowboys titles, too? Bill Cowher also said when the "Spygate" story was being blown out of proportion that this wasn't something unique to the Patriots, AKA the Steelers did it too!

The NFL sent out a memo to EVERY team to stop doing it. Belichick didn't take them seriously and because of a Jets / Patriots Mangina / Belichick grudge it was blown out of proportion by a controversy thriving, controversy creating media.

Teams change their signals all of the time. Coaches talk into their headsets behind their play books so their lips can't be read. Everyone is spying on everyone.

What happened after Spygate broke? The Patriots dominated everyone and went 18-1, shattering every offensive record in the league.

The only fan base that gives "Spygate" the credibility and impact that the media tried to pretend it had is the Steelers fans. You're just jealous of the Patriots. That's clear to me when you bring up Spygate and try to diminish their accomplishments.

You wish you had a Tom Brady. You wish you had a Belichick. You wish the Steelers went 16-0. You wish the Steelers had an offense like the Patriots. You wish the Steelers had an organization like the Patriots.

And so you accuse them of cheating when according to Cowher the Steelers did the same thing, along with every other team in the NFL.

You act like the Patriots had insider knowledge of every play being called by opposing teams so they could call the perfect counter. That's just laughable.

It was nothing more than advanced scouting used by the entire NFL.

And calling Brady mediocre? LOL...

Brady wins in two weeks he becomes the arguable greatest Quarterback of all time, surpassing Joe Montana. Put that in your yellow rag and wave it around.
Your a F'in retard.....You think Steeler fans are the only ones that think patriots cheated. Think again. The whole league knows an thinks it!. Why did Goodhell have the tapes destroyed before presented as evidence....AND most of all, why the hell does a so called Patriot fan have to come to a Steeler board to shoot his bullshit, let me guess they took away your pacifier over there.

Might as well dress em in skirts!
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