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Default Re: Arians says he was forced to retire

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
not renewed, fired, let go . . .what does it matter - the guy is no longer the Steeler OC and however you say it - they did not want him back for another season. In the nicest way possible - they fired him.

Rooney: Bruce - we're not renewing your contract.

Bruce: So what if I say I don't want to retire.

Rooney: Well I'm trying to give you an out here so I don't actually have to say it.

Bruce: Oh yea - ok - I'm "retired" then

Rooney: Yes - we don't want you back - exactly.
To be fired or let go, one would have to be under the employment of said company. When you allow somebody to work through the end of a contract, there is no firing, because the terms of the contract have been met timewise. Both parties are free to walk away with no further obligation to the other side. Bruce was no longer an employee of the Steelers the second the Denver game ended. His contract expired, making him unemployed at that point. He was unemployed before ARII flexed his muscles and informed he woudln't be returning for a new contract. By not renewing his contract, the Steelers effectively chose to allow him to remain unemployed rather that bring him back, to pursue employment elsewhere. We'll see how that works out for him. He doesn't have to retire, the Steelers just said that to help him save face. But, why would he retire if he had other options on the table? By saying the Steelers forced him to retire, he's basically saying nobody else will hire his bum ass.

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