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Default Re: Rooney wants old Steelers offense

Originally Posted by jiminpa View Post
Here's a hypothetical question just to see how pass happy some of you are. If we have a running back that gets exactly 3.5 yards per carry every time, no more, no less, ever, and the current receiving corps, QB, and defense, what it the best pass/run ratio to win games?
Wow genius question. We get 3.5 yds EVERY time. Lets see 3 downs 3.5 that comes out to 10.5 yds, or a first down. Now what coach will not take a first down every time. But your question hypothetical or not is mute. No team averages at least 3.5 every rush. You will have a 15 yd run a 20 yd run and then a bunch of no gains or short gains to reach that avg of 3.5.

Sorry but there is not way you will get me to believe that turnovers caused by good defense should be considered gravy. Too many games hinge on just such situations. We have won numerous games by creating turnovers, how bout Harrisons int return against the Cardinals. Last year the Ravens game were Troy stripped Flacco turned that game around. The playoffs against the Ravens after halftime, how did that game turn around so quick. We rip our offense for turning the ball over but turnovers are not always the result of bad offensive play but great defensive play. I got news for a lot of the fans here, We were not the Superior team every time we took the field, The difference is not always bad coaching either. Sometimes teams are so equal that a turnover is the difference in games, reason players are taught to strip and tip drill interceptions. The biggest difference in this years team and those in the past were the amount of turnovers we made and the lack of creating turnovers. And while I may be in the minority I worry more about the lack of defensive pressure up front than I do about the next version of this offense.
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