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Default Patriots v Ravens shouldn't even of been close. Officials are morons.

3rd quarter Raven touchdown that got Baltimore back into the game?

Or blatant personal foul five feet in front of an official?

I've been hearing a lot of Raven fans cry foul like they were screwed out of the AFC Championship. I've been hearing a lot of Patriot hating sports journalist cry on their behalf. I've been hearing a lot of NFL fans claiming the Patriots are lucky to have moved on.

I haven't heard anything about the FACT that the Ravens shouldn't even of been back in the game. You can't grab a defensive player by the face mask on the 8 yard line, hold him at arms length, and drag him into the end zone with you.

The TD that brought the Ravens back into the football game wasn't a touch down. They shouldn't even of been in a position to tie the football game.

This was a blatant face mask rape that started on the 8 yard line, continued all the way into the end zone, and got ignored somehow by the official standing 5 feet in front of them.

Ravens suck. You didn't deserve to win. Instead of crying about losing the game be happy the officials LET you even make it close with high way robbery.
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