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Default Re: Rooney wants old Steelers offense

Originally Posted by jiminpa View Post
Really, like Dan Marino throwing to Clay and Duper. How'd that work out? BR is nowhere near a Marino.
Last I looked I do not believe he is a Manning or Brady or Brees or Rogers either. But what he is though is a Quarterback that can play behind a swiss cheese line better than all of those with maybe the exception of Rogers. I tell another thing he is all we got unless you plan on playing Batch, Dixon,or Leftwich. Ben has served the Steelers well. While some like to point out his shortcomings like his dismal play in his first SuperBowl I remember a second year QB who put up impressive numbers thru 3 road playoff games. Who in 2008 while the offense struggled, yet Ben lead his team to nearly every comeback win that season including a Superbowl where the Steelers were 80+yds from a TD to win after the Defense gave up two fourth quarter scores. You compare Ben to Marino and ask how did that come out, well not to good for Marino as far as championships but pretty good so far for the Steelers.
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