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Default Re: Patriots v Ravens shouldn't even of been close. Officials are morons.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
get used to it patty cake.

the ravens piss poor revceiving unit has been getting away with mugging the opponent all year, along with all the phantom pass interference penalties that have won them games or kept them in them. just check the cardinals game, our 2nd game with them, and the week prior or after. 3 game stretch the refs bailed them out.

you gotta face it, the league doesnt want the steelers to be the NY Yankees of the NFL. and make no mistake about it, the steelers are that dominant. why do you think the league has been making anti steelers rules agains our defense since the 70's? why you think a blind eye was turned towards spygate. the league said our 6 foot 200 lb receiver hit too hard for crying out loud. they made the hines ward rule years ago?

ahs anyone seen a flag yet for an offensive player breaking that rule? nope. because it was a BS ***** rule and everybody knows it.

dozens of helmet to helmet contact has been made on a qb and hits on a defensless wr in this years playoff ALONE.

all went unpenalized because it wasnt james harrison, or ryan clark.

theres nothing us fans can do. many steelerfans still bitch about it. many more just move on and accept it for what it is.

its undeniable. art rooney even stepped up at league offices and was politely told to shut his mouth and get back into his place.
the Ravens might not have even been in New England if the refs hadn't missed a blatant helmet-to-helmet late in the Texans game on a key 3rd down play.. that team lucked out and got away with so much this year, i was happy as hell they fell one game short.
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