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Default Re: Hey, Steeler fans (and Ratbirds!)

Originally Posted by NEPatriots View Post

Brady wins in two weeks he becomes the arguable greatest Quarterback of all time, surpassing Joe Montana. Put that in your yellow rag and wave it around.
so the **** what? whats your ****ing point? is that supposed to mean something to us? we could give a shit. we're not the fanbase with a tiny penis complex who needs that notch on their belt to make them feel significant and worthy.

does that mean we can no longer be steelerfans and have to root for the patriots?

does that mean you get to **** tom bradys wife?

patfans will still be ****ing their fist whether he wins or loses, fantasizing how great it must be to be metro like tom.

nobody else cares less. put that in your lady uggs and try to feel warm and fuzzy.

you guys are 10X more pathetic than manning or favre fans.

GO SAWX! lmao! (****ing fairweather fillies)
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