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Wow Ben is just riding his defenses coat tails yet Eli is the new Joe Montana. Some quick points Eli 185 tds/129 Int. Career 58.4 completion rate with a 7.0 ypc. Team record 69-50 Compare to Ben 165/100 63.1% 8.4 ypc. Team record 80-33.

Eli played a very safe and smart game the other night, took his dump offs and did not force many, but he was lucky two SF players ran into each other or he had a sure pick one time. Might not even been his fault, looked like the receiver broke off wrong. The Giants were given two gifts or they score only 10 points and the 49ers in the SuperBowl. The Giants Defense has been as dominant as anybody in the playoffs, basically shutting out Atlanta, keeping Rogers in check, and the 49ers were lucky to score what they did. And dont get me started on the Superbowl where they beat the Patriots, while glad it happened the Defense held Brady and co. to 14 points. BTW compare these numbers 19-34 255 yds 2 td and 1 INT----21-30 256 yds 1TD 1INT the first numbers are Eli's MVP performance vs Bens second Superbowl performance.
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