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Default Re: Patriots v Ravens shouldn't even of been close. Officials are morons.

Originally Posted by NEPatriots View Post

He just isn't good when he is getting completely overwhelmed by a pass rush. Are any quarterbacks?
ben is.

but i agree with you on brady being able to read defenses (helps when he has all the extra study material to learn from) and his accuracy really cant be denied. either youre accurate or youre not. aaron rogers is completely sick with his accuracy and completes passes i swear no qb should try. so in regards to brady, i can recognize that.

but i also agree he is extra skittish when it comes to facing a team like the ravens. ben is used to it. his 1st taste of the nfl was vs them and hes been whipping their ass ever sense.

bens and brady's numbers bear out how differently they handle the pressure. ngata broke his nose, which appeared to me to be a "careless swipe" doesnt phase ben.

brady (and everybody else) know when the ravens play him, they are looking to kill him. he's smart. he doesnt want his career to end. nothing wrong with that i guess.

ben says he's gonna keep playing the way he plays and if his career ends early because of it then so be it.

one way is not more right than the other. different strokes for different folks. that is the reason why some prefer ben over brady and vice versa.

**** the ravens. the bengals suck.
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