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Default Re: Patriots v Ravens shouldn't even of been close. Officials are morons.

Ben's a tank. I've seen people try to sack him and bounce off and fall to the field.

My main criticism with Ben (aside from the usual) is that i've seen him a lot not let it all hang out there for the win. There has been more than one occasion where i've seen the Steelers down under the 2 minute mark and instead of go for it he throws a 5 yard pass to pad his stats rather than risk the interception to go for the win.

I don't have any ill feelings towards him, though. I hate Peyton Manning. Eli is a pain in the ass. Mr Discount Double Check has a smirk that goes up me sideways. Sanchez is a bum. Flacco sucks and looks like he should be in a Burt Reynolds movie from the 70's. Brees doesn't do anything for me...

Come to think of it Ben is probably my second favorite quarterback in the league.
That's..... weird to say.
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