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Default Re: Arians says he was forced to retire

Originally Posted by Curtain_of_Steel View Post
Ok hold on.. 1) First off been a Steeler fan since I was 9 going back to 1976 before the daggers start to fly at me, I'm not aband wagon jumper, lol. So these words are from what I feel is a devout fan.

Owning 4 different business's, and constantly moving employees in or out some with contracts, hand shake agreements or just on the books for work done. 2) I have NEVER ever not renewed someone or fired someone without stating why they were let go. I know a lot of you think the Rooneys walk on water. But last I checked they don't. If in fact it went down the way Bruce says, than that is wrong. If in fact it went down the way Bruce says, and Tomlin isnt going to speak out, than he has become the Rooneys bitch. Obviously there are 2 sides to every story. But currently one has stepped up and said what went on.

Regardless of our feelings towards Bruce and not wanting him here, the facts apparently are, he was told thanks but no thanks have a good day. 3) ]He was a part of 3 superbowl bearths and 2 Super Bowl rings. Regardless of anything, that is the fact. He has worked hard imo, and puts in the time. Sure he runs the offense like I might run my all madden steelers on PS3, but he still ran the offense. (yes I play it in my office, lol)Tomlin was his superior? Yet he seems to have skated free of any blame, if there was blame or finger pointing. The buck stops with him, doesn't it? I mean what fool would run Mendy 4 times on 4 and less than a yard? Arians? Tomlin? Certainly was not Dick L.

4) If Rooneys wanted to run more with those RB's behind THAT offensive line, fine, we would not have been 12-4, nor made the playoffs. If they want to run with what we have, make NO changes than. Run the ball next year more. We as fans will certainly not have to stress at all about getting home field advanatge or making the playoffs because we will not under the current make up of that Oline go anywhere running first.

]Times have changed in the NFL, unless we are signing, McCoy, or Foster, there is no old time Steeler football going on anymore. LBs and DL personell or bigger and faster now, you just dont pound them into tapping out like we did with Bettis etc. Times change, the mindset has to change as well.

Now just another little thing to think of. I stated yesterday that I would not be surprised that someone might sweep in and bid up Wallace, Like the PATs. Late pick, they are a deep speed threat away from going back again next year.
So now Arians leaves, we all know who he loves right? Thats Ben... We all know the Rooneys have issues with Ben, even though he straighten himself out. The Rooneys would probably still dump him if they could because god forbid someone tarnishes the Steelers way. So here they get to show their balls are bigger than every one else. Just stirring the pot on this, but on Wallace 5), if I'm the Pats, I front load something big and steal him with late first round picks after the Steelers Tag him. This one could happen with some team.
1) Not going to call you a bandwagoner at all, I respect your opinion and agree with most of your points to an extent.
2) We don't know that what Arians said is true, for all we know, he could just be angry with losing his job and just blowing off steam,
3) Yes he has been part of that many Super Bowls, but you can also argue that he was carried there by the defense. In '08 this team was carried by the defense and Ben going no huddle late in the game.
4) I'm not too thrilled about the Rooney's wanting to go back to old Steeler football. I'm hoping that they mean that they want to become more balanced, at least to quit being so predictable. I believe that was Bruce's problem, he was so predictable because he was so quick to abandon the run during a game, I know its been said before, but it's bad when Phil Simms is calling out your plays.
5) I have a feeling you are right about this, and I have a feeling Wallace is going wherever he gets the most money. I don't know why, but I get that vibe off of Wallace, after watching the lack of effort he showed towards the end of the season, I wouldn't be shocked to see him go.
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