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Default Re: What about next year????

Steelers D-Line is the one area I am not concerned with. You have 2 young studs and another guy who had a career year. Get some depth in FA and in the draft and they will be fine. The secondary has some young pups who will be better next year, which is good. Woodley and Harrison are good and Worilds should be better next year as well. Steelers need a run stuffer in the middle. I think if Dont'a Hightower out of Alabama is there at 24, they take him and sure up the middle with Levon Kirkland II.

It would be nice if the Steelers could go after a Carl Nicks in free agency, but with them being over the cap so much, even if they went that route this year, it would be impossible so lets home a good one comes in in the 2nd or 3rd rounds.

I am not too worried with the Steelers draft wise, they always get at least two studs out of the 7 rounds, each year.

My only hope next year is that who ever comes in as the offensive coordinator, they devise a system that can protect Big Ben. They need a OC who can figure that out somehow without killing Big Ben's effectiveness.

The other thing, hopefully they do not get injured at every major position and Pouncey can have a full year. Not having Pouncey in the last two playoff games cost us a lot. And for god sakes, get David Johnson out of here. His shitiness cost us so much in the Super Bowl and he is dropping machine even at his natural position.

My hope is that Mendenhall can recover quick. Welker recovered blowing out his knee in the second to last game of the regular season a few years back pretty well and shows no signs of it. A healthy Mendy and Redman would be nice to have with some dedication in the run game. PLEASE, give Redman the ball in the RED ZONE!!! And hopefully the new OC actually uses Mendy as a receiver once in a while or check down guy, for the love of god. No one is more effective then Mendy in the open field, yet that idiot Arians never set things like that up for him.

1998 Denver Broncos offense. Steelers need to go back to that season and see that offense operate. You had John Elway who could barely make it throughout the year, had Bubby Brister fill in for a few games. They protected him with a great running game and solid defense and he was pretty good. John got rid of the ball quick and with the running game being effective, play action left a heck of a lot of receivers wide open. Elway took the least amount of sacks that year in his career with 18.

In conclusion, Big Ben is just as important to this as the new OC. Ben needs to start getting to the point in his brain that he can not continue to play rugby out there. Steve McNair did it for 10 years and hit the wall extremely quick. It would be nice to have another 5 years of prime ball with Ben, but if he continues to let himself take 45 sacks a season, I just do not see him lasting more then two more seasons.
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