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Default Re: Do you think the Arians "retirement" was a shot across Tomlins Bow....

Originally Posted by 60_MINUTES View Post
I know exactly what your saying and your right for the most part but I dont think so in this instance.. I actullay think Tomlin is to close to his players and to BEN... The Rooneys stepped in and I agree with the guy up top.. if I were Tomlin I think I might learn the difference in being a coach and being a friend who is a coach. To me getting to close to the guys is gonna bite you sooner or later
i give tomlin a bit more credit than that. he is an extremely intelligent man and one hell of a "people person". its in his nature.

but he most certainly knows where his bread is buttered.

i'd say he's a full blown company man in blue collared clothing, but thats just my perception.

the last thing anyone wants is baby huey resenting the HC for dumping his guardian. big ben can resent the rooneys all he wants as long as theyre still writing his checks and everything will be fine.
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