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Default Re: Rooney wants old Steelers offense

Likewise, if we have a QB who loves to throw and a receiver corps who loves to HAVE him throw, then why in the world would we want to put that on a shelf and employ a strategy that disregards that talent? Is some "blue collar image" really that important, or more important than playing to our strength?[/QUOTE]

I believe our strength is the receivers as well. But you could argue that is because they have been featured in our play book, maybe not but it is worth mentioning. I do agree bigger plays can nullify pounding the rock and the only reason you might question the long drive is if you are on in two and you three putt. On in two doesn't show up inthe score.

I don't think we need To go all the way back to 3 yards and a cloud of dust. Run shorter routes, leave safety valves and check to them. Just seems to me the short game is being ignored. When the field shrinks, the offense stalls. All you have to do is see two 1000 yard receivers a 3000 yd qb and where we finished on offense. I don't see how it could be more obvious.
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