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Default Re: Arians says he was forced to retire

Originally Posted by 60_MINUTES View Post
BA is full of shit.. he gives little kid answers back to anyone that asks him something he doesnt want to answer...

Without going into detail to answer all your points I will say this plain and simple.. The Rooneys have done this for 40 years and most experts would say they have done it better then anyone else in history.. not to mention they dont make a ownership that is more loyal then the rooneys... 3 head coaches in the past 40 years.. and your gonna support a cry baby that has been bitching and taking cheap shots at fans and everything else for a few years.. If he is to stupid to figure out why he was fired then he is worse then I thought... The guy was 21st with a Team that most experts think have more Talent on O then anyone in the league period. Your goona say the Rooneys are at fault... how many coaches air out shit like this after being let go????? wow BA acted just as I thought he would

Just move on the Steelers made you big money and BEN played school yard ball and made you look good as well...

Main thing is simple.. Its the NFL people get fired everyday because teams want to go a different direction.. So the Rooneys think the O should be better what is hard to understand about that move on already

The way BA is handling this is extremely petty. But, not surprising at all coming from the guy who answered every question regarding the offense with, "I called the perfect play, the guys just didn't execute it", and of course, the classic, "we don't adjust to what the other team is doing, we just do what we do". WHAT?!?! Isn't that what an offensive coordinator is paid to do? I'm so glad he's the hell up outta here.

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