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Default Re: Fichtner boasts pedigree to succeed Arians as offensive coordinator with Steelers

A Tweak of offense = Randy Fichter

This offense truly just needs a tweak as Rooney suggested. Randy Fichter may be best at implementing better red zone plays and a running game from shotgun spread formations. Keep a defense guessing all game long. And when you do go to the fullback power offense you can still surprise teams with the play action pass. No particular formation Spread or Power "I" is limited to just running or passing. Here's hoping for that kind of offense.

Hiring someone from outside may be like throwing the baby away with the bath water. The Baby being a offense that seems to have no trouble moving the ball between the 20's, usually is well over 300 yards a game and usually wins time of possession.

Let Fichter tweak the offensive game plan and play calling especially red zone, and let the new QB coach tweak Ben's game. Taking a lead from the hiring of Carnell Lake, hire a QB coach who has played the game. Frank Reich I believe is out there and has been a NFL QB coach. He was in Buffalo under Marv Levy and Jim Kelly in a very productive offense that had plenty of playoff experience.
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