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Default Re: How to find a new Bruce Arians

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
And yet, despite all of that, we STILL had five straight winning seasons, we STILL had a .688 winning percentage and we STILL went to the Super Bowl twice and won one of them.

Did that not happen?
Of course it did. And you worded it perfectly. The Steelers have been successful despite BA's ineptitude. As in, in spite of. I'm not sure if you watched any of those games, but the offense struggled mightily in a large percentage of thoes games. The offense was putrid in '08 and the rode the defense to the SB. Yeah, the offense drove down the field for the game winning TD. But, they managed to score only 16 pts. on offense to that point against a team that gave up a ton of points in the NFC playoffs. Arians is lucky to have been part of a team with a good enough defense to mask his ineptitude. But, PLEASE stop giving credit for the Steelers success to Bruce Arians. The Steelers won a SB before BA was OC, or do we conveniently forget that? Why do people think they can't win one without him?

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