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Default Chad Johnson Q&A
You guys might not be interested but I thought it would be cool to post it.....After all I am the forums favorite Bengal fan. :D

Luke Sacks

Q:Talk about being part of the resurgence of the Bengals in Cincinnati over the last few years:

A:"It's going to make things that much sweeter that we worked ourselves from the bottom to the top once we get there."

Q:Do you feel as if you are starting to establish yourself as one of the NFL's top wide receivers?

A:"I feel like things are clicking somewhat but I need to continue to raise the bar every year. I'm not satisfied yet. The Pro Bowl is nice but it's not satisfying and it's not enough. I want to set myself apart from everyone else. I want to get to the playoffs. I want to get to the big dance and play in the Super Bowl. I don't want to play the game for 10-15 years and not reach those goals."

Q:Talk about working with Carson Palmer, who was a rookie last season, compared to Jon Kitna who led the offense in 2003.

A:My numbers fluctuated a little bit but not much. Regardless of who is playing quarterback I am going to try to get my job done. My relationship with Carson is very good. Most importantly we need to think alike on the field. That's how you become successful. We need to think the same and be on the same page and that's what we're working towards."

Q:What has your off-season regiment been these last few months?

A:"I've been working out with the team and participating in the OTA's since March 22. We have about two weeks left and I plan to take a little break before getting ready for training camp."

Q:You have two cousins ? Keyshawn Johnson and Samari Rolle ? also playing in the NFL. What has that experience been like?

A:"It's cool because they were here before me and at times, when I was younger, I needed some tips ? a point here or there. And it worked out that I had one cousin that played on offense and one who played on defense. They helped me out a lot with my success. There isn't too much family competition though. I relied on Keyshawn a lot because we play the same position. He kind of guided me through and set me on a path and I've done okay for myself."

Q:You and T.J. Houshmandzadeh played together at Oregon State and both ended up in Cincinnati. What kind of relationship do the two of you have?

A:"It's a great situation. We did some great things in college when we were there. I look for more great things this year. I don't think anybody even knows this but back in college, I didn't know the plays. He used to be able to tell me the plays from the other side of the field or when we left the huddle using hand signals. We had our own communication thing going on because I didn't know the plays. I don't have that problem anymore but it's good to have someone on the other side that's on top of everything."

Q:What has Marvin Lewis meant to your development as a player?

A:"He has meant a lot to me and he's been very good for my development. He gets the most out of me as a player individually than any other coach could. Everything has to be right in his eyes and that makes me a better football player. What he wants out of me is probably higher than I expect from myself. So he is setting me on the higher standard where I have to be above all. He's pushing me and pushing me and sometimes I wonder why but I know that the payoff is going to be greater. I bought into his system and I'm going to ride with it."
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