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Default Re: Ownership needs to have a word with Colbert Too

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
I think colbert has been doing a great job. the problem is really we're such a consistently good team, that all the o-line prospects that are worth picking in round 1 are already gone by the time it's our turn. Pouncey was able to be grabbed because we were low enough on the draft to snag him. Believe me, if we had picks in the top 10, the o-line would have been addressed. however, i'm thankful we never suck that bad.

i just wish we'd deal with the raiders like other teams do. would be awesome to get multiple round 1 draft picks for basically nothing lol

the urbik situation was more a failure on our coaching staff to get him ready. the fact he's starting with the bills tells me that talent wasn't an issue, our coaches failed to groom him into NFL material while he was here.
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