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There are a few people around here that can remember Terry Bradshaw making you cry. Either tears of joy or grief. Bradshaw had a deep abiding love for throwing into double and triple coverage. I think he was all about having fun and taking chances out there. Winning and losing was never life and dath for him.

I think that Terry had a rocky relationship with Steeler fans because we were life and death and he wasn't. We had a failure to communicate.

Over the years, we both learned lessons.

Bradshaw stayed close to the game. His football mind evolved with the game.

I think it would be great if Bradshaw would come back to the Burg as an OC for about 5 years, and allow us to build a relationship with him that we never had.

Bradshaw could design an offense that used Bens strengths. Brad is getting old. Time is running out on him and us. It is a shame that the Bradshaw/ Steeler fan relationship was so bitter for so long.

If I was Mr.Rooney, I would ask Chuck Noll to go with him to talk to Bradshaw about becoming the new OC, and offer him 10 million over 5 years.

I think Bradshaw would go for it. In a lot of ways, it would be a good thing.

Bradshaw would do a good job. He has a good feel for the game.

But then, if I was Mr. Rooney, i would ask Dorsett or Harris to be the running back coach, and Marino to be the QB coach, Joe Green to be the D line coach, and ...........I wonder if Lynn Swann would like to coach. And what Greg Lloyd, Mel Blount, Lambert?

Are great players lousy coachs, or are our owners lousy owners?
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