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Default Re: Roger Goodell gets five-year contract extension through 2018 season

For some reason, the big sports leagues have chosen to go with "continuity" and leaving the heads at their helms for years and years and years. Why they think this has worked or is working now is beyond me.
Selig has ruined baseball almost beyond recognition (i STILL don't know how they make ANY money whatsoever as i can't even name one person i know that gives a rats *** about baseball.
Stern isn't much better, basketball, just 3 months ago, almost completely imploded and died.

And Goodell is the worse one of the 3. He's completely dismantling the sport.....little by little but with being steady with it. The person above is right.....They want 70-55 games and no defense at all. Problem is, in reality, thats going to be the death of this sport too. Why their f-ing with something that was by far and away the biggest and most popular sport is pure stupidity. It will be short term gain....but long term death. People will start losing interest.
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