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Bradshaw just made really bad decisions. He felt like he could throw into any window, and if there was no window, he figured Swanny or Stallworth would make the play.
I think Bradshaw would like to get one for his thumb.
He mellowed enough to do the OC job.
The OC only has to design the offensive plays, and coach it to precision.
It is a shame that we let so many homegrown guys play elsewhere and not even use their talent after their playing days. I think Dorsett would make a great RB coach because he played in a complicated offense under Landry. Marino is a homeboy without a ring, he could coach QB and get a ring as a coach.
Joe Greene could teach a young D lineman a thing or two.

Guys who never played the NFL game can draw X's and O's, but the effort required to win is a mystery unbtil you climbed that mountain. thats why there are lots of mountain climbers, but few can talk about the view from atop everest.

Bradshaw isn't rich by anyones standard. I've heard that he is always struggling financially. He might make 25K a week for 20 weeks for Fox, but I think he would be worth paying twice that as an OC. He would surely like one for the thumb.
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