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Default Re: On the Steelers: Expect a defensive upheaval Farrior, Hampton candidates to go

Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
I'm surprised that a few posters in here aren't having a tantrum about why we shouldn't cut Farrior. I for one think that he'll stay for one more year and should just because we don't have a successor in our lineup. Sylvester didn't get any snaps at ILB this year from what I remember. If we end up drafting Burfict or Hightower, they'll have to rot on the bench for at least half the season learning LeBeau's D. So I think we'll see Farrior again. Probably not Foote.

Damn, Farrior has got to go. He looked terrible most of the year. I respect what he had done for years as a leader on the D but you can't beat Father Time.

Did you see Ray Ray Lewis on Sunday? He is useless now, except as an emotional leader on the team. Can't run no more. You wan't some rah-rah? Put on a skirt and grab some pom-poms.

We need some tacklers who can cover AND run.

I will admit Foote ain't a HOF but he is cheaper and honestly plays a little better than Farrior.

What ever happened to the Steelers FO that had no problem letting guys go in the past?

I am still pissed about Faneca leaving.
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