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Originally Posted by jiminpa View Post
Bradshaw has a brain, and never minded handing the ball off. Yeah, he loved to throw the ball, but he learned to be a team player, and was all about the win. He actually took hits in the stats to win games, and was happy to do it for the "W." You can't get any further from BR in philosophy and still be talking about football. Aside from preferring to throw the ball, and their toughness, they don't have anything else in common. Bradshaw had earned the right to keep his inflated ego and learned humility, BR got graduate's track in humility and kept his ego.
I can't agree.

Bradshaw often ran the ball himself and almost always went head-first into defenders

So does Ben.

Bradshaw would often scramble to the last possible moment looking for an open receiver

So deos Ben.

Bradshaw often took a pounding in the pocket waiting for just the right moment to let the ball go

So does Ben

The only difference I see (besides the long ball) is that Bradshaw called most of his own plays and because he did, he didn't have to feature himself all the time because he knew that in the course of a game he'd get his chances. Ben only calls plays himself in the hurry-up and yes, his ego tends to put passing first over running. But I'd bet that if Ben called the plays for an entire game, he'd hand the ball off a lot more than you'd think, for the same reasons Bradshaw did.

Let's not forget that Bradshaw rode the pine quite a bit in his early years mainly because he didn't behave himself either and it was only after a few seasons that Noll began to trust him enough to let him handle things.

One of the first things I thought to myself when I first saw Ben play was how much like Bradshaw he seemed and I still feel that way. Ben has some growing up to do but like I've always said, if he was 3-inches shorter and wore a number 12, it would be hard to tell the difference between him and Bradshaw.

In many ways, Ben is a throwback. I think if he played in the era when teams were governed by a single head coach and the league wasn't so wrapped up in "Coordinators" and he was allowed to call his own game and learn from his mistakes, he would have thrived just as Bradshaw did. Coordinators are fine for QB's that fit a certain mold but for guys like Ben, it's difficult if not impossible for anyone to really get inside his head and know what's really going on to the point where they can manage him.

I think it would be interesting to see what would happen if they let go of the reins and allowed Ben to call his own game.
I'd bet that it would work out a lot better than anyone might think.
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