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Default Re: Sean Kugler: No interest in the OC Job

Bouchette now is on record today they probably will stay in house for the new OC

While the Steelers fired offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, there's no need for them to blow up their entire offensive system. That is why it's most likely that Mike Tomlin will stay within and promote Randy Fichtner and/or Sean Kugler to the post.

Bringing in a new offensive coordinator and a new system makes no sense on a team that basically has had the same offense for 10 years. Bringing in a new offensive coordinator and making him run the Steelers system makes maybe less sense. Neither will work.

As is Gerry Dulac, who wrote last Saturday that Tomlin would need to go outside the organization for the OC

I just don't think the Steelers will go outside the organization to hire someone because the offense doesn't need fixed or overhauled. I believe the Steeletrs' problems with Bruce Arians were, to some extent, philosophical, not necessarily schematic or execution. For that reason, they will promote someone from the staff, and the only logical candidate is Randy Fichtner, their QB coach.

Looks like Fichtner is the new OC
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