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Default Re: Ownership needs to have a word with Colbert Too

i dont believe in the "holes only open for a split second theory".

i see other o-lines open holes that a mack truck can drive through.

i also see alot of teams with crative running plays and blocking schemes. sometimes you will see an entire line in motion (new orleans)..

we run that basig straight ahead antiquated bullshit. our only bread and butter play is power g, and that has been lacking ever since faneca left.

we should not be missing on so many draft picks who end up getting cut. (hills and urbick come to mind).

im disappointed that some of the young players grimm left behind never panned out. chucky okolbi comes to mind.

zeirlein was a disaster. kugler has proven to be able to turn chicken shit into chicken salad, but what we really need is somebody who can turn chicken salad into stud maulers.

i think alot of our woes have to to with coaching and a lame, pedestrian, outdated scheme that has been in place since the mid 90's.
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