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Default Re: Rooney wants old Steelers offense

I want a balance between offense and defense. An offense that does not turn the ball over very much, a defense that not only plays tough defense, keeps the other teams offense out of the end zone as much as possible and if that means downs or causing turnovers great. I want a defense that is not last in the league in causing turnovers. I want a team that is not near the bottom in turnover differential. I dont have to have a defense score, but it would be a plus. I do not need an offense so run heavy that we lead the league in rushing yet score less points than what we do now, and have a worse record. (See my post What is Steeler Football) I want a special team that can score more than once every three years to help. I want an O-Line that can create holes for our backs to run and perhaps give Ben more than 2.5 seconds sometimes. Actually 2.5 would be nice just keep a three man rush off of him til he drops back. I do not give a crap what you call it I want what will win games, and advance us in playoffs. But I am sick of having 12-4 records and when the Defense Craps the bed in a playoff game, One time all year OK, Injuries OK, but do not put the blame on the offense for
THAT game. Complain about the years worth of offense problems, but do not deflect the Defenses part in what happened at the end.
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