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Default Re: Ownership needs to have a word with Colbert Too

Originally Posted by former RB View Post
Pouncey is over rated a player as i have ever seen. I don't know how to evaluate a center, but by any measure, pouncey seems to be lacking. I watched him often. He gets trucked often. His run blocking leaves much to be desired. His shotgun snaps are average.
You can't judge O-line pass protection. Guys like manning, brees and brady drop back and throw on rhythm. Their line and OC looks smart because of it. The O line run blocking suffered because Mendy liked to tip toe between the tackles. The hole only opens for a split second because if you aren't strong enough to drive block, you have to get shoulder leverage for a second and turn the D lineman line a door.

Ben made the line look bad because they can't hold their blocks for 5 seconds consistently. Ben made recievers look bad because thwey ran their routes out, and he still had the ball.
Ben needs to practice looking off a DB and throwing on rhythm. Coaching can only work if the QB puts it into practice.
And that is where i stopped reading...
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