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Default Re: Do you think the Arians "retirement" was a shot across Tomlins Bow....

Originally Posted by 60_MINUTES View Post
The Rooneys have done this for over 40 years... Im quite sure we know what kind of Management we have.. Tomlin on the other hand we dont know yet... all we do know is its clear to everyone that the Rooneys had to step in and fire a guy that everyone in the football world agreed needed to go... Now given the fact the Rooneys never do this... I think we can all agree... they are not anywhere near owners like you mentioned above ( again see 40 years of business for proof of that) it doesnt say alot for Tomlin being the man we think he is...

Yes he talks it but in this case the Rooneys had to walk it.. Lets hope Tomlin starts owning more things... Or maybe we can hope he unleeshes Hell on the Coord that everyone especailly his boss knows needs to go..

By the way Im not a Tomin hater... I just think the book is still out on the guy... all I do know is the Rooneys dont usually have to do things like this.. Their past doesnt need approval... Tomlins future will be defined on how he handles this team over the next 5 to 7 years.. So far he is off to a good start.. I still think he is to close to come guys which is understandable.. the guy is the same age they are... I think he will be a better coach 5 years from now.. again we will see about him.. we dont have to see about our Rooneys they have done it better than anyone else in history over the last 40 years
Couldn't disagree more. You say we don't know Mike but we know the Rooneys. I don't know Mike nor the Rooneys. The elder Rooney's may have a reputation but the youngster in charge is quite different from the prior leadership, so we'll have to see where he wants to go from here. If in fact he did what you seem to suggest that he has done, then I stick to my point comparing him to Blank, Davis and Jones. You don't have to agree and I don't need your approval.

Psst.........don't condesend to me, this is a message board.
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