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Default Re: Do you think the Arians "retirement" was a shot across Tomlins Bow....

Originally Posted by 60_MINUTES View Post
ART 2 has been involved in running this team for many years... last time I checked he was no youngster.. and I again I stick by my point the Rooneys dont have to prove anything to anyone... They as a family have done it better than anyone in history period.. Mike ( who is a youngster ) needs to prove himself... again he is off to a good start but how good he actually is will come out over the next 5 to 7 years... I think he will be good but he needs to quit talking all that shit and start walking some of it
Is AR II the youngest of the owners? What chit are you referring to that Mike needs to start walking? The guys been great by any standards among his peers in the NFL HCing fraternity. What does he have to prove specifically?
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