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Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
this is a joke thread right?

do you even know what condition chuck noll is in nowadays? it isnt good.

why dont we just hire joe paterno to be OC? he's currently unemployed.

terry has about as much business coaching as he does cattle ranching. he has finally maximized his earning potential and his business sense has reached its peak. he gets paid more than 2 mil/year for nothing more than cracking jokes about himself, being silly and talking some ball.

maybe we should just hire metallica and lady gaga to exclusively highlight 8 home game half time shows. i bet we could affor 4 million for that.

jack lelane can be our strength and conditioning coach.

maybe mr rogers can lead the team in pre-game prayers.

we should also buy the elephant mans corpse at auction to display besides the 6 lombardi trophies for inspiration.
I was thinking strength and conditioning would go to the Cirque du Soleil folks. Have you seen those people???? As for Bradshaw, I don't think he could even spell "OC" if you spotted him the... oh, wait...
Why does God hate amputees?

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