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Default Re: Rooney wants old Steelers offense

Originally Posted by jiminpa View Post
Right, so what you want is to blame everyone but the long-term cause--gotcha. Yes, the defense had a bad game, but if Tomlin and the offense had played to win, instead of tie, we would have had to put with Arians as OC at least one more week. We don't really know what the O-line is capable of since they were running garbage blocking schemes drawn up by the OC who was trying to force broken pass plays. Part of the turnover differential is the fact the offense had entire games where the QB had more turnovers than the whole offense had points, so to just blame the defense is, well, again, avoiding the real problem. Fortunately the Rooneys didn't avoid the most immediate part of the real problem, who is currently not exactly enjoying his retirement.
All I know is "Steeler Footbal" like you and others want , the kind Cowher preached with a run first mentality yielded less points and even less wins than what Tomlin and Arians has produced. The two SupeBowls that Cowher went too one with O'Donnell was more pass oriented, and the other with Ben during the post season they took the cuffs off of hem and he had three great games before sliding into a SuperBowl win.

My point all along is some fans find no fault with the defense ever!!!!!!!!!!!
I acknowledge the offenses shortcomings and I have stated this year that I believe a change in OC is needed, but when it comes to this last lost, the blame lies more with the defense than offense. In 2009 Timlins worst season at 9=7 the defense gave up over 20 points a game and the offense scored 23 a game yet some still say that season was Arians and the offense fault. While a few called for LeBeau to retire, I did not. I think he has some credit built up to with stand one bad season. But the point is I call it exactly as I see it and while everyone is on a mission to return to "Steeler Football" we have scored more on average than during Cowhers years.
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